About Me

About Me

I’m Aarthi, a nutritionist with a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics from Saint Louis University. With a love for cooking and a passion to bring up healthy lifestyle in as many people’s life as possible, I thought blogging will be one of a great way to reach out to each of you and bring a small healthier change in your eating lifestyle. Everybody loves to be healthy, Don’t you!

But, with myths and different motivated diet system evolving, eating healthy is becoming a great challenge in today’s world. There are so many myths prevailing about health and nutrition in this society like the ‘fear of calories’, ‘dieting’ etc. But one has to remember when the calorie comes from nutrition dense food it is good. Yes, you heard it right ‘High calorie food can also be healthy’ for your body when it comes from healthy food source. Eating healthy doesn’t mean dieting, nowadays, lot of new diet methods are emerging through few people and media. But I would call ‘Diet’ as a ‘Word of Danger’ in a common man’s dictionary. Diet do exist in hospitalized settings where people with certain conditions have to restrict and add few foods. But in a normal lifestyle, innumerable nutritional deficiency might occur when fancy dieting is followed. Instead, following a healthy lifestyle like eating nutritious food, exercising, having a sound sleep will have a positive effect on your body rather than starving your body through various diet methods.

Eat healthier recipes is all about helping you make simple healthy delicious food and also provide its nutrition information, so you know what you are eating. Making healthy food may sound boring, but it is not true. When you learn how to cook nutritious food in simple interesting ways by making small changes to your recipes, you are going to love to cook healthy and eat healthy. Follow my recipes, innovate more and enjoy eating healthy. Eat healthy! Feel beautiful!

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By Aarthi MS (Nutrition and Dietetics)