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Instant Mixed Nuts Drink

Instant Mixed Nuts Drink

Instant mixed nuts drink can be made in less than 2 minutes if you can prepare and store the instant mixed nuts powder ahead. It is energy & nutrition dense and will keep you satiated and fresh for up to 2 hours. It is a storehouse of nutrients with the goodness of milk along with different nuts. Because you are adding turmeric powder too it will be loaded with additional medicinal properties as well. Make this at home and enjoy good health!

Serves: 1

Calories per Serving:216; Carb- 21g; Fat- 11g; Fiber- 1g; Protein – 11g

Preparation time:  0 M Cooking time:  2 M Total time:  2 M

Difficulty: Very Easy


1 Cup Low Fat Milk

2 Tsp Instant Nut Mix Powder

1 Tsp Honey


  1. In a pan, add Milk and Instant Nut Mix Powder.
  2. Bring it to a boil over medium heat and turn it off once it rises.
  3. Stir in honey.
  4. Serve it hot or cold. Quick, delicious and healthy!


  1. Stir before serving as the nuts will deposit at the bottom.
  2. You can even filter the milk but make sure you give a nice press on the feed using a spoon so that not much nut is discarded.
  3. You can add more turmeric while boiling the milk.

Micronutrient Values:

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