Whole Wheat Idiyappam/ String Hoppers

Whole Wheat Idiyappam/ String Hoppers

Serves: 3

Calories per Serving:271; Carb- 58g; Fat- 1g; Fiber- 10g; Protein – 11g

Preparation time:  15 M Cooking time:  5 M Total time:  20M

Difficulty: Very Easy


2 Cups Wheat Flour

2 Cups Water

½ tsp Salt

Oil to grease


  1. Dry roast wheat flour for 5 minutes in slow flame until nice aroma comes.
  2. Let it cool, add salt, mix well.
  3. Add hot water little by little and mix well to form a smooth dough. Let it rest for 10 minutes. The dough may feel a little sticky but will be fine after the resting time.
  4. Grease the idiyappam/ String hopper maker (you can find it in any Indian appliance store) with oil, add the dough, press with a slight circular motion to form beautiful soft idiyappams/ string hoppers.
  5. Top with grated coconut, sprinkle some sugar and eat it! Healthy and Delicious!

Nutrition Facts for Coconut

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Stepwise pictures:

Micronutrient Values:


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