Kadambu | Bovine Colostrum Dessert | Seem Paal | Junnu

Kadambu | Bovine Colostrum Dessert | Seem Paal | Junnu

What it Bovine Colostrum/ Seem Paal?

Bovine Colostrum is the first milk cow produces after giving birth to Calf and it is loaded with immune, growth and tissue repair factors. The cow is first milked two to four hours after giving birth and then between six to twelve hours after birth. Only these two milking are said to be the ‘Real Colostrum’. It contains significant quantities of complement components that act as natural anti-microbial agents to actively stimulate the maturation of an infant’s immune system. Bovine colostrum, a raw material for immune milk preparations, can be used to treat or prevent infections of the gastrointestinal tract. Bovine Colostrum has been consumed by people in India for generations knowing its great health benefits.

Colostrum for Healing the Gut

Colostrum supports the healthy maintenance of the gastrointestinal tract by supporting the health, growth and maintenance of intestinal mucosal lining. Growth factors such as IGF 1, TGF, and EGF that are present in human and bovine colostrum supports healthy digestion by providing nutritional support for the healthy maintenance of the GI tract

A research study was done to treat children with rotavirus diarrhea with immunoglobulins extracted from immunized bovine colostrum (IIBC). Children who received IIBC had significantly less daily and total stool output and stool frequency and required a smaller amount of oral rehydration solution than children who did not receive them.

Colostrum for Athletes

Besides providing immune support, colostrum has remarkable muscular-skeletal repair and growth capabilities. Colostrum has been found to be an excellent substance to help athletes recover faster. Research shows that colostrum, in conjunction with diet, exercise can increase strength as well as endurance, build lean muscle mass, burn excess body fat, boost immune function, shorten recovery time. The growth factors in colostrum help provide nutritional support for recovery and repair after exercise.

Not only for children with infection and athletes, bovine colostrum can also provide nutritional support for the immune system in healthy individuals too.

The one problem in consumption of bovine colostrum is it is mostly sold unpasteurized. So, you need to provide heat treatment before consuming it to kill the pathogens. This recipe provides a safer way to eat Bovine colostrum. And I learnt it from my Milk Man in India. He gifted me with this expensive treasure ‘Bovine Colostrum’ and also gave me this beautiful recipe. I was surprised to see the result of the recipe, the liquid bovine colostrum turns into a beautiful soft, silky, custard like in texture and it was sooooo delicious. Words can’t explain how happy I was after making this dish. But make sure you don’t eat more than 2 tablespoons per day. Less is more here. You can store this in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. If by any chance you are able to get this Bovine Colostrum, do try this recipe and let me know your experience J

Serves: 8

Preparation time:  5M Cooking time:  10M Total time: 15 M

Difficulty: Very Easy


250 ml Colostrum (1 cup)

0.5 Cup Sugar

5 Whole Cardamom ( or ½ tsp fine powder)

A pinch of Saffron (Optional)


  1. Mix all the ingredients well until the sugar gets completely dissolved.
  2. Leave it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. (To let all the flavors seep in)
  3. Pour about 2 tablespoons in each idly mould and steam it for 10 minutes. The dessert will get to a custard texture. If you insert a tooth pick or knife you should be able to cut through it.

(You can use ramekins or cups to steam but know the quantity you pour in to control your portion size)


  1. Step 2 is optional but I recommend it.
  2. The more sugar you add the more yellow hue you get.

Stepwise pictures:

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