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Easy Creamy Homemade Yogurt with Nutrition Facts

Easy Creamy Homemade Yogurt

Yogurt is a probiotic naturally rich in protein, calcium, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin and phosphorus. Probiotics are healthy active bacteria/ yeast that are good for our body especially  our digestive system. They not only stimulate healthy digestive track but also produce vitamin B12 and Vitamin K. So, the goodness of milk along with benefits of probiotics is yogurt. Include yogurt everyday to nourish your digestive track.

I used lowfat (2%) milk to make this Silky Creamy yogurt. The higher the fat content, the thicker the yogurt will be. This style of yogurt preparation is followed in India in every household using the yogurt itself as a starter making it very easy to prepare. Make this yogurt at home and you will not buy the expensive yogurt in stores anymore. And if you are an organic freak, you can make organic yogurt too at a much cheaper price.

Serves: 4 (1 cup per Serving)

Calories per Serving:154; Carb- 17g; Fat- 2g; Fiber- 0g; Protein – 13g

Preparation time: 20 M Time for Fermentation: 8 hrs Total time:8Hrs 20M

Difficulty: Very Easy


4 Cups Milk (I used 2%)

2 tsp Yogurt (Starter)


  1. Bring the milk to a boil.
  2. Pour it in a container in which you are planning to store the yogurt.
  3. Allow it to cool.
  4. When the Milk is Luke Warm, add the yogurt and give a good stir.
  5. Leave it covered on the countertop overnight (8 hrs).
  6. Easy Creamy Smooth Yogurt is ready to be enjoy! And the good news is… You don’t need a yogurt maker to make yogurt at home here after!

Stepwise pictures:


  1. Longer the yogurt is left is to ferment, more sour it gets.
  2. Fermentation also depends on the climate. Hotter the climate, less time it takes to ferment.

Micronutrient Values:

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