Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans/Channa) Nutrition Facts

Chickpeas ( Garbanzo beans/channa) Nutrition Facts:

ChickPeas ( Garbanzo beans/channa/ Kondakadalai) has so many health benefits. Consuming them regularly will benefit the overall health including reduction in blood cholesterol levels, improving sleep, regulating blood pressure, improving brain health, bone health and so much more including reproduction benefits because of its nutrition composition. It is also a great vegetarian source of iron and will help treat anemia as well. Do include chick peas in your diet as frequently as possible to stay healthy and fit. See below for its complete nutrition fact analysis.

A Short History of Chickpeas:

It’s believed that garbanzo beans were first consumed by Ancient Mediterranean populations between 7500-10,000 years ago. Soon in the years to follow, the use of chickpeas spread across the Middle East, becoming a staple in nearly every nation’s traditional diet, as it still is today.

Chickpeas and its Kinds:

Chickpeas grow on trees and are a type of pulse that grow similar to how green peas looked before being de-shelled. There are actually two main kinds of chickpeas, or garbanzo beans.

Desi Chickpeas( Kala Channa), which are mostly cultivated in India and have small, darker seeds and a rough coat; and Kabuli Chickpeas, have a large size and smooth coat, cultivated mostly in Europe or Africa. Everything offer the same health benefits and can be used interchangeably.

Other Chickpea products are:

Chana dal: These small split desi chickpeas are sold in Indian stores and look very much like yellow split peas. Chana dal have a sweet, nutty taste. In India, chana dal are used to make chickpea flour, while in the United States, the larger kabuli chick-peas are used for flour.

Chickpea flour: Chickpea flour has a rich culinary tradition in Indian cuisine, where it is known as besan or chana and is used in pancakes, stews, and curries.



Click below for some Chick Peas Recipe:

Tofu Chickpeas Rice

Brown Chickpeas Rice

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