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Chocolate dipped Strawberries and Oranges

Chocolate dipped Strawberries and Oranges

These are not just valentine’s day treat but an all-time treat for the special person ‘You’ and your loved ones. These will make a guilt free snack and especially will make a chocolate loving kid fall in love with fruits too. Great isn’t it. So make it whenever you or loved ones crave for chocolates or desserts. You will treat your taste buds as well as your body at the same time and it is also very easy to make.  Make at home and enjoy 🙂

Serves: 10 (1 strawberry+2 orange lobes)

Calories per Serving:146; Carb- 13g; Fat- 10g; Fiber- 3g; Protein – 2g

Preparation time:  5M Coating time:  5M Inactive time: 10M Total time:  20M

Difficulty: Very Easy


10 Strawberries

2 small oranges

8 Dark chocolate Squares (85% Cacao) (8 ounce/ 230 grams)

Water for double boiling


  1. Wash Strawberries and pat them dry.
  2. Peel oranges and remove individual lobes.
  3. Line a plate with parchment sheet and keep it ready.
  4. In a small sauce pan boiling some water, place a ceramic or any heat resistant bowl on it.
  5. Add the chocolates and stir occasionally until it comes to a smooth liquid consistency.
  6. First, dip the strawberries in to the melted chocolate and rotate it slowly so that an even coating is formed.
  7. Repeat the same to all the strawberries.
  8. Now place the orange lobes in the melted chocolate, turn it over using spoon, remove and place it on the plate.
  9. Leave the chocolate dipped strawberries and oranges in the fridge for 10 minutes, until it the chocolate layer hardens well.
  10. Enjoy a healthy and tasty chocolate treat!

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Stepwise pictures:


  1. You can follow the same recipe using different fruits like apples, bananas, peaches etc., etc.
  2. If you don’t like bitter sweet chocolate use 70% Cacao chocolate bars. But don’t use lesser cacao chocolates or milk chocolates which are high in sugar and not very healthy.

Micronutrient Values:

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